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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Journals Have Left the Building

That's right. Our journals have started their world wide travel. By now they have probably made it to the first participants on the list and may even be on their way to the next ones.

Here is a little information I found out at the post office when I went to have the journals mailed:

1. The journals cost right under $6 to mail. While there is the media rate that I mentioned in the previous post I opted not to send the journals this route even though it would cut the cost in half. Media mail is treated as 3rd class mail and therefore can take 10 days or more for the package to reach its destination. A little too slow considering all the participants on the list...

2. Call me naive (and I probably am) but I assumed the cost of mailing the journals would be the same anywhere in the US. After all, a 39 cent stamp will get a letter from Texas to either California or New York, or either Alaska or Florida. Little did I know that package rates are based on weight AND zip code and therefore the cost of mailing will differ from place to place. This impacts the idea of providing some pre-paid envelopes for those who may need one. What I did instead was purchase a book of stamps for each package. For those of you wanting to contribute to the postage collection simply toss in some extra stamps to be used along the way by those who may need the postage assistance.

In the meantime, as our journals are circling the globe, I want to use this blog to not only track their whereabouts but to keep us connected with each other and focused on what this is all about--the life changing effects of keeping a journal.

Each Monday I will post a new journal prompt to be used if and/or how you would like. In addition I will provide a discussion question regarding journals/journal keeping to be tossed around in the comment section. Bits of pieces of this discussion may be quoted in future posts. And please feel free to share your experience with the journal prompt should you choose to use it. A journal prompt is simply an idea to spark your creativity and get your mind working, digging a little bit deeper within. Take it and make it your own. Use it anyway you'd like and interpret it any way you'd like. And then share your thoughts...

Journal Prompt 1: The story my soul longs to tell...

Discussion Question 1: This week, for those of you who wish to participate, we will discuss the actual journal. What type of journal do you enjoy using the most? Spiral notebook, composition book, leather bound book, sketchbook? How did you discover that this was the media that would work best for you? Was it a process of elimination until you found something you liked or does it fit your style/creativity better than other choices?

Finally, there are still some changes and additions that need to be made to the sidebar that I just haven't gotten around to yet. If you have e-mailed me concerning an error or about being added to the list never will get done...eventually...Ugh!


Blogger catherine james said...

Just one question: should we post our responses to the Discussion Questions in the comments section here, or in our own journals?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Marilyn said...

This isn't an answer to your specific discussion question...but I was just browsing in the library and stumbled upon a book. When I got home, I opened it at random and saw this in WRITE YOUR HEART OUT - EXPLORING & EXPRESSING WHAT MATTERS TO YOU by Rebecca McClanahan:

"Whichever type of journal you choose to keep--a record of a passage as it's occurring or a record of your internal journey to understand the completed event--the writing process is the same...Either way you will have recorded one of the stories of your life--a story with a beginning, middle, and end, even if the end seems to have no firm ending and the passage is one you must keep negotiating and renegotiating."

I've been thinking about that a lot lately--how I keep "renegotiating" events in my I keep coming back to my internal journey around certain events. Maybe that's what I've been looking for--a "firm ending"...when one is not to be had.

1:18 PM  
Blogger melba said...

I just sent out the journal to Mindy yesterday. It was actually cheaper to send in priority in a flat rate envelope. The envelope is free and it is a flat rate of $4.04 mailed anywhere in the continental US. The brown padded envelope you provided adds just the right cushion.
I felt a bit intimaidated getting the journal so early. I had it for quite a few days because I didn't know what to say. I am glad there are two is like I get a second chance!!!

8:12 AM  
Blogger Turquoise CRO said...

Wowieeeee!!! I HOPE Mindy has a kind neighbor or put a STOP on her mail because she left for Florida today!!! for a week! Phew! That's cool Melba, I was wondering if you were going to mention it on your Blog or here! Isn't this exciting???

11:45 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I am so curious how people who received the journals already are doing. It would be great if we could all make our own post on this site when we receive the journals. Good luck to you all, and I am so eager to receive them!!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Clare said...

Is it too late to join in?

5:20 AM  
Anonymous mom on a wire said...

Ditto what Clare said...?

7:39 PM  

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